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Authorization of Metal Pipes for Fluid Operation

Author: Eng. Cristian Guta The work of mounting, installation, authorization, operation, repair, periodic inspection, evaluation of technical condition and cut out of metal pipes for fluids is governed by the technical prescription ISCIR PT C6 – 2003, referring to “Technical requirements for mounting, installation, operation, repair and check of metal pipes for fluids”, approved by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce no.307/05.12.2003 and published in the Official Gazette no 902 bis from 17.12.2003.

The above-mentioned technical prescription contains the minimum technical provisions compulsory when mounting, installing, authorization, operation, technical periodic inspection, evaluation and cut out of metal pipes for fluids as well as authorization of economical traders developing specific activities.

PT C 6-2003 defines the metallic pipes for fluids as piping components for the transport of fluids when they are mounted in a pressure system. These include pipes, piping systems, piping, fittings, expansion compensators, hoses and other under pressure components.

The heat exchangers with pipes for cooling or heating are also included here. This prescription is applied for the following types for metallic pipes:

a) for liquids whose vapor pressure exceeds the maximum permissible temperature of at least 0.5 bar atmospheric pressure

b) for liquids whose vapor pressure at maximum permissible temperature does not exceed more than 0.5 bar atmospheric pressure

1) Group 1 includes hazardous fluids under O.G. no. 200/2000, approved with modifications by the Law no. 451/2001. Group 1 includes fluids defined as explosive, extremely flammable, very flammable, flammable fluids in which the maximum permissible temperature is higher than the flash-point, very toxic, toxic and oxidizing.

2) Group 2 includes the other types of fluids, not included in Group 1.

In marketing, pipelines will be accompanied by: the compliance statement written in or translated into Romanian; operating instructions (use, operation), to the extent deemed necessary for the user, containing all relevant information for security relating to: installation, commissioning, use, maintenance, including checks performed by the user.

The article also gives detailed information related to the Installation of metallic pipes for fluids; Authorization of pipes functioning; Technical inspections for pipes authorization; The periodical pipe inspections.

Installation and repair of metallic pipes for fluids can be made only by operators authorized by ISCIR INSPECT IT for these activities.

Moreover, as stated in P.T. C 6 - 2003, the authorizing areas of economic agents are the following for the mounting and / or repair activity: pipes functioning at - 50 gr.C ≤ T ≤ + 440 gr.C temperatures; pipes functioning at T< - 50 gr.C temperatures.

Traders authorized to perform the work of installation and / or repair of metal pipes for fluids are required to appoint its technical staff to verify the work (RSL) and the responsible technical personnel (RTS), specialized engineers and technicians who are authorized for this purpose by ISCIR INSPECT I.T.

Complete Sets of Flue Gas Analysers+Computer+Software for a Professional Flue Gas Analysis

AFRISO-EURO-INDEX offers modern solutions for measuring, storage, data processing and transmission. In order to increase efficiency and the professional degree, AFRISO suggests flue gas analysis computer and data processing software.

In fact, the complete set is offered at comparable price for classical solutions analyzer+printer, with the following main advantages:

-data measurements transfer and keeping, directly on the computer

-development of some data base with client`s equipments – measurements, interventions, spare parts, on-site accessible

-electronically format data transmission for clients

-real measurements for distant equipments

-graphic evaluation of the measured values

-automatic measurements and values registration for certain time periods, organization into tables without personnel`s intervention

-communication via e-mail (webcam included!) with the head-office

-ultra compact and portable unit system

-usb interface or Bluetooth optionally

-EUROSOFT special software for flue gas analysis

The possibility for data storage of different documentations for boilers (drawings, electrical sketch, spare parts lists) and the communication software installation are advantages offered by modern solution, contributing to productivity increase and cost reductions.

For a presentation of flue gas analyzers (MULTILYZER and MAXILYZER New Generation) + software + computer and their safe functioning, please contact using the contact data in the article.

Uponor Flexible Pre-insulated Pipes

Although excellent materials and perfect processing are essential for making a high-quality product, a product will only really prove its worth in practice in a well-engineered system. That means our products are all exactly compatible with one another and can therefore be installed easily and correctly under the often difficult conditions on the daily construction site. Uponor Ecoflex proves its fit-for-purpose property not only by its flexibility. At the end of any pipe system, the lever arm, of course, becomes shorter and shorter. This is a system whereby only a minimum of strength is required for even small bending radii. House lead-ins, installations around obstacles, or pipe branches are easy to handle and allow installations to be carried out swiftly and on schedule. We find the simplest solution the best. And we attach great value to the fact that our system components can be installed without the use of any special tools.

Every single meter of Uponor Ecoflex pipe is backed by 20 years of experience. Quality and suitability for use are, and always were, at the foreground of our developments for a variety of system solutions. We take in product details such as the geometry of the outside jacket, the type and design of the insulation, the material for the medium pipe, i.e. the real „insides“ of an Uponor pipe into consideration. And not to be forgotten, the pipe’s most special, visible feature – its flexibility.

Polyethylene grades such as HDPE or PE-Xa have the basic chemical and physical properties to lend the pipes the best pre-requisites for us in supply lines engineering.

The high-grade plastic of the medium pipe prevents particle deposits and corrosion and features a tremendously long service life coupled with highest temperature stability (PE-Xa) and crack resistance. The use of monitoring elements in accordance with EN 14119 is therefore not required. The fact that we set quality standards for all of our products which are far higher than the usual requirements, ensures maximum project safety and service life.

The article presents the range of products: Uponor Supra flexible pre-insulated pipes, Uponor Aqua Single/Aqua Twin flexible pre-insulated pipes, Uponor Single/Thermo Twin/Thermo Mini flexible pre-insulated pipes, Uponor Quattro flexible pre-insulated pipes.

Thermal Insulation to Prevent Legionellae in Drinking Water Systems

Armacell insulation materials protect hot and cold pipes against inadmissible decreases and increases in temperature

Legionellosis, also known as Legionnaires’ disease, continues to cause deaths. According to estimates made by the Robert Koch Institute, every year in Germany alone around 10.000 people contract this form of pneumonia, which is transmitted by germs in water. Errors made when designing and installing plumb­ing systems can lead to a harmful multiplication of legionellae in drinking water. One of the most important preventive measures is to insulate hot and cold drinking water pipes properly with suitable insulation materials.

There are a number of operating, constructional and process-related measures for avoiding a harmful multiplication of legionellae in drinking water. Where possible a combina­tion of these should be implemented. Apart from ensuring that the water circulates continu­ously in the pipework, it is also necessary to prevent inadmissible temperature decreases in hot drinking water pipes and temperature increases in cold drinking water pipes.

Because of the risk of condensation forming, closed-cell insulation materials with a high resistance to water vapour transmission are recommended for the insulation of cold drinking water pipes. Pipes should be laid with sufficient clearance to heat sources, such as hot pipes, and insulated. If there is an increased risk of legionellae in plumbing installations, because hot and cold pipes are laid in one duct or wall slot or there is no regular circulation in the pipes, for example, it is essential that the pipes are adequately insulated. Here Armacell recommends using what is known as 100 % insulation, i.e. an insulation thickness which roughly corresponds to the outer pipe diameter. When insulating hot drinking water pipes, this not only serves to prevent legionellae, but also protects the pipes against unnecessary energy losses.

The Armacell products SH/Armaflex and Tubolit are highly suitable for insulating hot and cold water pipes. The insulation materials were developed especially for use in heating and plumbing applications. Due to their excellent technical properties, the insulation materi­als reliably prevent the temperature of the pipes decreasing or increasing inadmissibly and at the same time protect the installation against unnecessary energy losses. The closed-cell material structure prevents water penetrating the insulation material and the pipes corroding. SH/Armaflex and Tubolit fulfil the requirements of DIN 1988, part 2 and 7 and the energy-saving regulation.

Pexfit Pro-the new PE-Xc piping system from Viega

At last, a system that is made to suit your needs completely. Pexfit Pro pipes are as flexible as you wish and as durable and reliable as you expect them to be. In combination with the new press connectors made of PPSU and Viega red brass connectors, they are suitable for nearly every installation in the house.

Pexfit pro consists of two pipes:

-Pexfit Pro Fosta pipe-which consists of three layers: a PE-Xc internal pipe, an aluminum layer and a white external coating;

-Pexfit Pro Plus-which consists of a PE-Xc internal pipe with internal oxygen barrier made of EVOH, of blue colour and very flexible.

The fittings pf Pexfit Pro system are made of PPSU or bronze, joining being made by pressing technique.

Pexfit Pro relies on the tried and tested Viega press connecting technology. Its superiority is displayed equally in the rapid, simple installation and a unique safety factor: the Viega SC-Contour. This feature is present on every size of PPSU or red brass connector from 14 to 63 mm in the Pexfit Pro range.

Indestructible, permanently safe and always hygienic. Pexfit Pro press connectors are the right choice for installations in the house technology. A high degree of installation safety and perfect quality are guaranteed in the long term. The extremely tight connectors with pre-assembled press sleeves create an optimal holding function and prevent twisting after pressing.

Quick and safe processing. Pexfit Pro makes the work considerably easier. Especially during shortening or processing, the exceptional stability of the pipe is advantageous. In addition, the connection to the press connectors is solved perfectly. Steps: shorten pipe; add connector; press, finished! That saves time and money.

Danfoss Ball-Valves for Any Type of Heating and District Heating Application

The Danfoss objective is to offer a complete product range of valves and controls for district heating and this includes ball valves. Danfoss produces high performance ball valves for district heating plants, distribution and transmission networks, pump and substations.

For any type of application - in any size. Danfoss ball valves are specially designed for district heating systems and other hot water systems, in which the water has been treated in order to avoid corrosion. Having a fully welded body, the valves meet the main requirements for valves used in hot water systems and offer a high degree of security.

The range is divided in two broad groups: Ball valves for district heating plants and substations; Ball valves for underground installation.

In addition, Danfoss offers a wide range of accessory equipment for ball valves. Danfoss ball valves are offered with a broad choice of connection types and different operation possibilities to match all types of district heating applications.

Ball valve specifications ON/OFF valves; Reduced bore; Nominal diameter DN15 - DN600; Temperature 0-180° C; Nominal Pressure PN 16 / 25 / 40.

Danfoss Ball Valves – a Comprehensive Range for Every Application

Standard range The standard range DN15 - DN600 is used in various applications within district heating systems i.e. in power plants, pump stations, boiler houses, substations as well as in small units, buildings and one family houses. The standard range is covering ball valves with welded, flanged and threaded connection possibilities.

Underground valves Underground valves for pre-insulation DN20 - DN600 are installed in pre-insulated pipe systems, transporting hot water from production to end consumer. The underground valves are supplied without insulation, with stem extension and long butt weld ends.

Special valves Special valves can be used in various applications where our customers have a special wish for connection possibilities, building length, operating options etc. Furthermore Danfoss offers full bore ball valves DN15 - DN400.

Twin valves Twin valves DN15 - DN50 are used in buildings and one family houses. The twin valves are mounted on an adjustable wall bracket. The standard range is covering twin valves with welded and threaded connection possibilities.

Branching valves Branching valves DN15 - DN200 are installed in connection with pre-insulated pipe systems, where the end customer can not be connected at once. They are often used by expansion of a district heating system in new areas of a city. With the branching valves you are prepared to connect the new customers whenever they are ready.

Hot Tap valves Hot tap valves DN15 - DN100 used to connect new customers to the existing district heating system without cutting off the heat supply to other customers. With the hot tap system from Danfoss you can connect new customers where and whenever you want.

Victaulic Helps Carrefour Group To Meet Tight Deadlines for Execution

In the past 40 years, the Carrefour Group has become one of the most important distribution companies in the world. Carrefour, currently the largest retailer in Europe, is responding to growing demand for shopping centers in Romania through a large expansion project that includes building two hypermarkets sites of 8.000sqm in Sibiu and in Brăila.

The task of installing the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and fire protection systems in both hypermarkets went to Promteh company, a leader in the installation work in Romania, which had to meet tight deadlines for implementation.

Having available only two weeks to install the 13.5 kilometers of pipelines for fire protection system in Carrefour hypermarket within City Mall shopping center in Sibiu, Simona Chircea, operations chief within Promteh, decided to use in the hypermarket and in adjacent galleries, as well as in the smaller shops a solution offered by Victaulic.

By using Victaulic FireLock EZTM Style 009V (42mm-168mm diameter), fittings, valves and Victaulic sprinklers, Promteh company managed to meet the tight deadlines for implementation and to reduce working hours up to 30%.

In addition to the construction of Carrefour hypermarket in Sibiu, Promteh dealt with the installation of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems from Carrefour hypermarket within Harmony complex of Brăila.

A key factor for the success of both works was the choice of suitable products from the beginning. Because the Victaulic product range was previously used in other centers and commercial projects, Promteh team was aware that the use of a mechanical piping system together with the latest generation of Victaulic ready to use couplings would be the best solution for speeding the installation.

Vogel&Noot: Viable Solutions for More Efficiency!

The T6 centre-connection radiator revolutionizes heating technology from design right through to application, guaranteeing the utmost in daily thermal comfort, one of the most important factors for well-being in modern architectural design. T6’s high power thermal convection ensures constant and quick room heating as well as ideal temperature experience. And the fastest possible room heating is much more important than the heating time of the radiator itself.

This sophisticated technology is available for all models from single-layer to 3-layer radiators. With its innovative technology and intelligent, patented internal pipe system, the centre-connection radiator represents a significant innovation with considerable benefits. Throughout Europe it is considered to provide the unrivalled benchmark in thermal comfort.

The flexible and efficient design reduces planning and assembly work, prevents mistakes, avoids installation delays and minimizes the risk of damage at the same time as reducing installation time and costs. The best solution for design, assembly, application and thermal comfort. The special, geometric shape of the convector plates enables it to achieve the highest output of all comparable centre-connection radiators. This means that smaller models can achieve the same thermal output as larger ones. This not only reduces the amount of heating you require but also saves you money.

Saving ~ 15 % more energy and flexible heating. The T6 “lives” with the occupants of the house. When airing or drafts by open doors lead to cooling, the T6 can react quickly to keep the room at a constant pleasant temperature. The option of positioning the thermostat at either end means it can be placed where it works best, or where it is most accessible. Furthermore, the efficiency of the T6 also enables it to operate at a lower flow temperature, resulting in lower energy losses throughout the whole heating system.

The overall design allows the use of economical and visually attractive fixing systems without any restrictions. This applies regardless of whether corner brackets, drill brackets or quick assembly brackets are used.

ThermaSmart - the New Formula for Professional Insulation

ThermaSmart is an advanced, innovative insulation material made of thermoplastic elastomeric foam (TPE). It has a closed cell structure and remains flexible within the total temperature range of -80° C to +95° C.

The material is definitely stronger than other traditional elastomeres and has a better resistance against outside influences.

Applications: Designed for use in Cooling, Ventilation and Air-conditioning, but also suitable for heating and plumbing installations. ThermaSmart has excellent insulation properties, high flexibility, resists UV light and many chemicals and oils.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Technical properties

Flexible, flame extinguishing, anthracite, thermoplastic elastomeric foam; Closed, very fine cell structure ensuring a very high insulation value and preventing water absorption; Very good mechanical strength guarantees a long life span; Produced without (H)CFC’s; Fully recyclable; Available in thicknesses from 6 till 25 mm; Available in tube diameters from 6 till 114 mm; Temperature range from –80 till 95º C without losing its flexibility; Excellent thermal conductivity value λ 0.032 W/mK at 40º C, and λ 0.036 W/mK at 0º C; Very good water-vapour diffusion resistance with a µ value of >10.000 prevents condensation problems; Complies with very high standards of fire retardance, self extinguishing properties and fire propagation; Very low smoke number; Available accessories; ThermaGlue and Thermatape TS

ThermaSmart self-adhesive tubes Insulation tube with preglued (self-adhesive) seam and with protective oil; Standard length: 2 meters; Diameter of insulated pipes: 6 to 60 mm; Temperature range: -80° C to +95° C.

ThermaSmart Sheets Insulation sheets for refrigeration and air conditioning applications, also available in self-adhesive sheets.

ThermaSupporter for insulated pipe support; high mechanical strength; equal insulation value; to fit into standard pipe suspension systems.

SLE W Tank in Tank Stainless Steel Bi-energy Boilers

“Tank-in-Tank” system “Tank-in-Tank” is a heat exchanger with a built-in accumulator, made up of two concentric tanks: the inner tank contains domestic water to be reheated (secondary) and the outer tank contains the heating fluid (primary) which circulates between the two tanks and transfers its heat to the domestic water.

Domestic Hot Water cylinder The inner tank is the heart of the tank: it is subject to the aggressiveness of the supply water, to high pressures and to variations in temperature. This tank is made of solid chromenickel stainless steel (stainless steel 304 or duplex), fully welded under argon protection using the Tungsten Inert Gas (T.I.G.) technique.

Before assembly, the convex bottoms are pickled and passivated in order to improve the tank’s lifespan and in particular its resistance to corrosion. The shell is corrugated all the way up using an exclusive manufacturing process. This design gives considerable resistance to pressure and limits the adherence of lime scale by allowing the tank to expand and contract.

Outer tank The outer tank containing water from the primary circuit arriving from the boiler, is made of carbon steel STW 22.

Thermal Insulation This is carried out using high density injected polyurethane foam, 50 mm containing no CFCs.

Lining The tank is covered using polypropylene, a plastic material which offers a high resistance to shocks and which is also very pleasing to the eye.

Electric heating element in SLE W The SLE W tank is equipped with one 2200 W heating element controlled by the thermostat and by the Summer/Winter switch of the SLE W.

The pipe feeding the tank with cold water must be fitted with a safety unit comprising at least the following: An isolating valve, a non-return valve, a safety valve, a sanitary expansion vessel of appropriate dimensions.

Baxi Romania Launched the “Jalopy” Programme for Heating Boilers

The “Jalopy” programme is not a concept associated only to automotive and electronics market. Now it is also available in the thermotechnics industry.

BAXI Romania, the local representative of Baxi Group, one of the European leaders in thermotechnics and renewable energies, launched for the first time the “jalopy” programme in the thermotechnics domain, available for heating boilers.

If you have an old heating system in which you have invested money, time and nerves, Baxi Romania gives you a money amount of up to 750 Ron for an old equipment instead purchasing a new Baxi heating boiler, with 8 years warranty, safe, reliable and efficient.

The article also presents BAXI Luna 3 Comfort, Baxi’s range of wall hung boilers, which has been developed with an innovative removable control panel included with the boiler and enables programming of the heating system, domestic hot water adjustment and full boiler diagnosis.

Features: Fully digital, removable control panel with LCD display allowing easy adjustment of heating and domestic hot water; electronic flame modulation; electronic ignition; regulation of water temperature in heating circuit 30/85°C; pump run on timer; pressure gauge to check system pressure; flow meter with turbines for a perfect modulation of domestic hot water temperature; pre-heat function on domestic hot water maintains desired temperatures automatically for 60 minutes after last demand; automatic by-pass; stainless steel burner; circulating pump with built in air vent; radio interference filtering system; anti-frost device on heating circuit; outdoor compensation option; stainless steel DHW heat exchanger; electronic 3 way valve for Domestic hot water changeover; easy connection with solar boosted domestic hot water system; easy to clean-domestic water heater.

Safety devices: electronic temperature control by NTC probes; self check automatic control system; overheat limit thermostat; gas control electronic panel; pressure relief valve on heating system operating at 300kPa; hydraulic pressure switch to prevent boiler operating in the event of low water; differential fan pressure switch to ensure safe discharge of flue products; system to prevent 3 way valve and pump sticking operating every 24 hours.

Information is Power

Any of our products is the result of the constant concern for quality, for selecting the most effective experiences of our work. We frequently make an assessment of the good things that deserve to be kept them in the process and in our work and the details to be improved.

From our experience, we get the first advantage to produce products increasingly powerful and to constantly increase quality. In addition, we are happy to share with others of our knowledge, not just our products and services to which we devote all the care and attention. Such an example is the Technical pocket book, published by Rettig especially to help installers.

Also nicknamed "the Bible of the installer" the pocket book is actually a very comprehensive manual, which has all the products marketed under the brand Purmo.

Purmo’s Technical pocket book contains technical and mounting details referring to panel radiators, decorative and bathroom radiators, as well as information about underfloor heating and floor mounted convectors.

Although in small format, deliberately chosen so as to find their place in the pocket of any plumber overalls, the guide is useful by the complete information that it comprise.

Its effective form allows you to always have it at hand, always in your pocket and confirms that we have understood and we have assumed the importance of knowledge and to use it at the right time!

Small and comprehensive, the Technical pocket book is welcomed whenever you need precise details, when you want to give professional advice or even to mount a product commercialized by Rettig company, under PURMO brand.

For all models and types of Purmo radiators you will find general descriptions, but also details such as sizes, fittings, materials, maximum temperature, pressure test, distance between channels, the nominal thickness and available colors.

You’ll also find explicit drawings and assembly drawings accompanying promotional images of Purmo radiator, so that design and engineering to remain hand in hand, as they leave our factories.

We believe that through this Technical pocket book managed we succeed to offer for installers and dealers and to all specialists interested in our modern heating solutions, a broad perspective on Purmo’s product range.

GeoTHERM: Your Future Energy Supply

Energy from the ground can be used by a heat pump to provide useful energy to heat the home. Ground source heat pumps offer excellent energy savings as up to 75% energy for heating can be extracted from the ground.

geoTHERM is the ideal solution for heating your home. geoTHERM can be connected to a suitable high performance hot water cylinder for domestic hot water and to an underfloor heating or radiator system for space heating.

The benefits: Clean and efficient use of free energy source to provide heating and hot water; Every 1kW used to run the heat pump generates approximately 4kW to heat the home; Low energy bills; Reduces use of fossil fuels; Reduces CO2 emissions; Grants available from the Low Carbon Buildings Programme

Ground source heat pumps use energy stored in the ground and convert this to heat for space heating or hot water production. Low temperature energy from the earth is passed through a CFC free refrigerant cycle which converts this energy to higher temperatures for use inside the home or workplace.

Benefits of heat pump technology

- Extremely efficient use of energy. Every 1kW of energy used to operate the compressor provides 4kW of useful heat for the property

- Provides space heating and hot water

- Proven, reliable technology which is widely used around the world

The Vaillant geoTHERM heat pump extracts energy from the ground by using a vertical or horizontal ground loop collector.

Vertical collector (borehole): The space saving ground loop collector is inserted vertically in the ground.

Horizontal collector: A series of plastic pipes are laid horizontally in the ground to form a horizontal ground loop collector.

Solutions for Installing Thermostatic Heads on Any Radiator Type

Saving energy begins with mounting a modern thermostatic head. Oventrop thermostats comply with energy saving requests (EnEv), allowing energy and heating costs reduction. Their design is adequate for a modern residence.

Oventrop thermostats are usually delivered in white finish design. There are, anyway, thermostats which can be delivered at order (for ex. “Uni LH” and “Uni LD”) in white, anthracite, golden, chrome or grey color as well as thermostats (like “Uni SH”) which can be white/chrome or stainless steel finished. Available with threaded connection or squeeze connection. The large variety of thermostats can be mounted to all modern radiators, no matter the connection method (threaded or squeeze) to radiators with integrated valve or traditional ones. Advantages: no adapter required; stylish units and liquid sensor; respects EnEv standard and requests; available from stock; reduced dimensions; simple installation.


Company presentation. With an experience of over 11 years in marketing installation materials for water, gas, sewerage and thermal systems, SC INDUSTRIAL PLAST SRL imposed on the Romanian market, placing itself on a well-deserved 40th position on the National Installation Companies Top. Headquartered in Braşov, in the middle of the country, the second large town in Romania, Industrial Plast has the possibility of distributing installation materials towards all towns, in ready time. At present, the company has a portfolio comprising over 3000 clients, Romanian and foreign companies. Industrial Plast is importer from countries such as: Italy, Germany and France. In 2007 the company registered a turnover of almost 3 million euros. It employs 18 staff, developing activity in 2 warehouses in the northern and southern part of Braşov city. The company is ISO-UKAS certified for marketing and service for tools and instruments. The qualified staff, sales experience and knowledge of internal market are leading towards excellent financial results. The company seeks for collaborations with companies from Romania and EU.

Filter cells Z-line and Jack Filter bag filter product range

Jack Filter Z-Line filters consist of 100% polyester fiber fleece, which is progressively constructed and is consolidated by thermo-bonding.

To achieve a larger surface and in order to that, a higher dust holding capacity under lower constructing depth, the filter media is pleated into a Z-shape. Through this the filter surface is raised by a multiple. Z-Line filters offer better efficiency than conventional permanent or disposable flat filters. They operate with sieving-filtration-technique. The folds are produced with predetermined radii and kept in a defined distance through hot melt spacers.

This provides an equal distribution of the air stream over the whole filtration surface. The frame consists of a punched humidity resistant board. On demand we can also offer a plastic frame. Because of their convenient handling and little weight FZ-ZL filter cells are very easy to maintain.

All filters are EN 779:2002 certified.

The Basic filter, used as a coarse dust filter, is the ideal bag filter for all ventilation and air conditioning systems. It is available in the categories G3 – F5 and can be used as a pre filter as well as a main filter.

The Classic filter, is the ideal bag filter for all ventilation and air conditioning systems. Even though it is on the market since decades, our product still enjoys a great popularity.

The Performance filter, is the ideal bag filter for all ventilation and air conditioning systems under superior operating conditions. In the manufacturing process only high quality materials come into operation.

The filter medium is characterized by a large amount of fibres, which lead to higher filter efficiency and dust holding capacity under optimized pressure drop.

The Extreme filter, was specifically developed for the use in ventilation systems under extreme operating conditions. The reason of the unique performance of the Extreme filter is an integrated pre-filter, specially developed for this application. Together with the pre-filter, the Extreme filter combines two filter stages in one.

The Classic filter convinces with excellent filtration and its simple practicability. It consists of a micro- glass fibre media which is proven and tested under any conditions.

The flexible copper tube system for under-floor heating

CUSMARTTM are flexible copper tubes with a special compound coating (patent pending). The online production method assures unique uniformity, absolute isotropy and incomparable technical features. Specially designed tubes for every use and a full range of mechanical clamping fittings create plumbing systems of advanced technology.

Characteristics: The coatings of all CUSMART flexible copper tube types are made of special high endurance halogen-free compounds with fire-retardant properties. Long lifetime, as the mechanical properties of copper remain unchanged in time; hygiene assurance by special process; high pressure and temperature fluctuation resistance; unique flexibility and final shape stability; exceptional thermal conductivity; minimum thermal expansion; impermeability and 100% oxygen barrier; recyclable product.

CUSMART flexible tubes with external industrial insulation are suitable for all heating and hot water supply plumbing networks inside and outside buildings. The insulation is an extruded polyethylene foam (PEF) product structured in a closed type microcells. Energy saving is a result of the spectacular reduction of temperature loss to over 50% compared to similar networks without insulation.

The Solution for Preventing Bacteria in Hospitals… Copper, Says Specialists

Did you know that the US Environmental Protection Agency announced officially in March that the first metal with proved antibacterial qualities is copper?

Scientists from various research centers examined the materials with whom people suffering from various diseases as well as visitors come in contact. While on steel, aluminum and plastic surfaces bacteria live more than 30 days, on copper surfaces they don’t live more than 90 minutes.

Moreover, copper (like brass and bronze) prevent some affections caused by bacteria. Besides its medical and specialized uses, copper can be used in other domains too, for heating or water pipes, not only in hospitals but in our homes too.

Are You Confident in the Water Your Child is Drinking?

Did you know that drinking water can sometimes contain microorganisms affecting directly our health? The best solution suggested by specialists for our homes is the use of copper. Most of the problems related to drinking water are caused by infections in the water distribution networks (water pipe).

A research conducted by the Watercycle Research Institute in Holland revealed that using copper pipes prevents the developing of bacterium causing legionnaires’ disease.

It is about a bacteria developing especially in large climatization equipments, as well as in water pipes. Legionella bacteria affect our lungs, in some cases being fatal.

As a result of observance during one year of some domestic hot water supply installations, where water was delivered through copper pipes, the bacteria concentration was 10 times less than in plastic pipes.

Some of the main advantages of copper pipes include: blocking the development of bacteria in water carried through these pipes; they are waterproof and due to their tightness, protects the water from external organic contaminants; copper is a natural product, totally recyclable; it is very resistant at pressure variations; very resistant to high temperatures (in case of fire it doesn’t emit toxic gases).

Therefore, copper protects water quality, being preferred to other materials both in Europe and America, especially for drinkable water.


LG ELECTRONICS – AC Company products are divided into 3 categories, according with their destination: residential, light commercial and commercial.

The first category includes monosplit devices with standard design and DELUXE, used for residential application requiring a special design, with low energy consumption.

The second category includes monosplits and multisplits for medium applications, of the type stores, company head-offices or medical offices.

The commercial category includes tertiary applications such as office buildings, residential centers, supermarkets, hotels, requiring special needs for efficiency, high energy efficiency and ecology, etc.

MULTI V WATER II represents both effective and safe system with great performance regardless of external conditions, such as ambient temperature, building wind effects in high rising building.

Technology. Your life will be upgraded through the state-of-the-technology of MULTI V WATER II.

Economic Water System. There is no efficiency reduction from environmental condition such as a contrary wind, building wind, harsh outside temperature. There is a good solution for high-rise building.

Easy Installation. Light weight and compact size-installation space is reduced up to 60%; Easy piping work-refrigerant and water pipe connection at front side. The reduced installation space required for the outdoor unit has resulted in more usable space.

High Efficiency and Reliability.

2009 New Feature: DC Inverter compressor; plate type cooling circuit; fuzzy logic control system; water temperature detection function.

GENUS PREMIUM HP: Top Equipment of the New Ariston Range, a Champion of Comfort and Performance

Ariston has brought to Romania an innovation: a wall-hung condensing boiler of high output, for large installations, designed to meet any need: whether it is about an individual home or an office building, GENUS PREMIUM HP can be used in any conditions. The new Ariston boiler can be used both individually and in cascade, in a combination of up to 4 boilers for heating and domestic hot water preparation systems, with a thermal output of up to 240 KW.

Equipped with an AISI 316L stainless steel heat exchanger and using the PREMIX condensation technique, GENUS PREMIUM HP assures a high level of performance and comfort, being 4 stars rated energetically being in the same time an ecological heating boiler, with low noxious level, being included in class 5, the safest category according with the European standards.

Among the technical characteristics: stainless steel combustion chamber; WILO circulating pump with release valve; overheating protection thermostat; electronic control panel; two temperature ranges (high temperature: 35/82 ºC; low temperature: 24/45 ºC); domestic hot water temperature can be adjusted from the control panel; LCD display; automatic testing system with errors display; IPX4D electric protection; can be attached to a heating solar system, etc.

With thermal output of 40 and 60 KW, GENUS PREMIUM HP dispose of a wide range of accessories for thermoregulation, hydraulic assembly or exhaust gases, such as outdoor temperature sensor, room sensor, climate manager; BM8 remote control, peripheral CoCo device; E 8.5064 control unit.

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